Starting Nov. 1, 2021, all yearbook discounts will no longer apply. Not only is there going to be a price raise, but also the coupon codes the yearbook staff have shared through various social media’s (including their Instagram: thecreekybk) are going to expire. This $5 dollar discount was set to counterbalance the same amount being used as a rise in this year’s yearbook price. Coupon codes can only be used once.

Along with that, senior tributes are due starting from a quarter page at $100, $195 for half a page, and finally a full page for $365. After Oct. 31 these discounts and purchases will be unavailable. Families will still be able to buy a yearbook HERE for $70 before the price increases to $85 after Oct. 31.

The yearbook cover has also been revealed via Instagram with this year’s theme. Numerous examples of the team’s photography have been broadcast through social media and their website.

For Yearbook Coupon Codes:

Zoe’s code – ZOET5

Emma’s code – 5EMMA

Mason’s code – MBFIVE

Ashley’s code – ASH5

Tisha’s code – TISH5

Bren’s code – 5BREN

Courtni’s code – FIVECC

Lauren’s code – FIVELB

Ella’s code – ELLAFIVE

Erin’s code – FIVEERIN

Camila’s code – CAMFIVE

Taylor’s code – FIVETAY

By Mason Bass

Mason Bass is a born and raised Texan who loves journalism and photography. She also hopes to one day become an aspiring traveler.