As Autumn leaves begin to fall and Oct. 31 looms closer and closer every day. While there are many halloween movies out there, there are only a couple that should be considered classics. Here are nine movies that are sure to bring the spooky spirit in time for the creepy festive.

Hocus Pocus 

“Oh Another Glorious Morning! — Makes me sick!” Time to step out of the 17th century and into the 20th to stop three mischievous and hilarious witches who are hungry for some children. Californian, Max Dannison is having a hard time adjusting to life in Salem with all this Hocus Pocus nonsense. Provoked into taking his little sister Dani trick or treating, and stumbling across his school crush Allison, the three embark on a journey, lighting a candle, and waking a well-known trio. With a deadline of the next morning and a three-hundred-year-old black cat at their aid will it be enough to save the night of Halloween?


“Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated” Band from all the Halloween fun by her mother, Marnie Piper is desperate to live in the spooky fun world she’s never gotten to know. Coming to her rescue, Grandmother Aggie steps off a mysterious bus stop to aid her holiday fun. Marnie soon comes to the realization though that her grandmother is a witch and she might be one too. Desperate to learn more, she follows her grandma back to discover HalloweenTown taking her little brother Dylan, and sister Sophie with her. Hopefully, Marnie will develop enough of her power to stop the evil Kalabar before it’s too late. 


“Drop dead.” “Too late” Aiding her father, Dr. James Harvey, on his journey to help listen to the dead to make their journey to the afterlife easier Kathleen ‘Kat’ discovers a ghost herself. The cute and friendly ghost Casper has a crush on Kat and upon seeing her father’s TV ad convinces Carrigan, a spiteful woman searching for her fathers treasures in the abandoned house to call them. Upon the first arrival, however, 3 other mischievous and mean ghosts (Stretch Stinkie and Fatso) are determined to wretch horror on the mansion forever. 

Ghostbusters (1984)

“Spengler, are you serious about actually catching a ghost?” Curious about the paranormal, Peter Venkman, Egon Spenkler, and Ray Stantz are kicked out of their job at Columbia University. Their investigation lands them in the press and then later in jail. The mayor however takes a chance in trusting them to try and save the city. It’s a wonder if they’ll succeed. With the city and possibly the world in jeopardy, everyone’s begging the question ‘Who you gonna call?’

Corpse Bride

“It’s Victor, he’s married a corpse. A corpse bride.” A match made between Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot seems simple at first to aid the Everglots in their debt and move the Van Dorts up in society. However, when Victor struggles to remember his vows and a mysterious stranger, Barkis Bittern, shows up things take a turn especially when Victor finds himself married to a corpse. 

The Addams Family (1991)

“I didn’t hate my mother. It was an accident!”  They are definitely not like other families. The Addams family is well-rehearsed in burying bodies, hexes, and even Shakespearean theatre. When a long-lost Uncle Fester shows up it’s a wonder if it’s really Gomez or just a secret evil plot. While Wednesday and Pugsley begin to bond with him, and Morticia continues as the supportive wife she’s always been, will they figure out if it’s truly him?

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

“Dear Great Pumpkin, I’m looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I’m hoping you’ll bring me lots of presents” -Linus. Everyone thinks Linus is crazy for sending letters to the Great Pumpkin, even Charlie Brown. With Lucy taunts and Sally the only one by his side to wait out the night in the pumpkin patch will this mysterious Halloween figure ever show or did they miss trick or treating for nothing. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas

“What’s This?” The Pumpkin King has returned for another epic year of Halloween and after making a grand entrance, he sweeps the town right off their feet once again. Something seems to be missing however and Jack Skeleton is nowhere to be seen the next morning when the mayor comes to discuss next year’s hoorah. He’s soon found though as he sweeps through the town preaching the new joyous ways of Christmas. Along with trying to take over next year’s snowy holiday, Jack tries to find the meaning of this jolly season, involving the whole town of fellow monsters, and even kidnapping Santa Claus. It’s a wonder how this joyous season will turn out.


“BeetleJuice, Beetlejuice, BeetleJuice–” After a tragic accident Adam and Barbara Maitland find themselves as ghosts in their old home. Unable to scare away Deetzes and Lydia their daughter, ‘help’ is offered by a mysterious BeetleJuice but something begins to be off and it’s a wonder if it’s starting to get out of hand. 

By Mason Bass

Mason Bass is a born and raised Texan who loves journalism and photography. She also hopes to one day become an aspiring traveler.