The Perron family had a terrifying nine years in a certain haunted house in Rhode Island.

In the early 1970’s, the Perron family moved to an old farmhouse in Rhode Island. The couple Carolyn and Roger had five children who were all girls. One of the ghost that was haunting them was thought to be named Bathsheba Sherman.

The hauntings started when the mother, Carolyn Perron, had been experiencing weird things. She had heard scraping noises against a kettle. She had also had experienced a broom moving to a different place on its own. The family had also smelt a rotten smell along with other weird things.

Later, things had gotten worse over the time they had spent there. Beds would rise off the ground, and they would see spirits. The spirits were usually harmless, but one of them was not. The spirit is what they believed to be was Bathsheba Sherman. They believed it was her when there was a sharp pain in Carolyn’s leg and when she looked at it, it had the bruise

Carolyn Perron decided to investigate why they were being haunted. She found out that the house has had the same family for eight generations. The family always died in horrible and mysterious ways. She also finds out that the there was a women named Bathsheba Sherman. The women, Bathsheba Sherman, was rumored to be a satanist in the 1800’s. She was also rumored to have killed her child with a needle.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were paranormal investigators, went to the house and did a seance. The seance escalated to the point where the mother became possessed. One of the daughters saw the seance hiding behind a door. The daughter said that it was a very horrifying to watch. She saw her mother rising out of her chair. She also saw her mother was speaking a language that was not heard before. The father, Roger, kicked the Warrens out because he was worried about his wife.

Unfortunately, the family continued to live in the old farmhouse, because they couldn’t afford to live somewhere else. The family moved out at around the 1980s.

The haunting was very famous that there was a movie based on it called The Conjuring. It was the first out of many movies that were to come about Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cases. Andrea Perron, one of the daughter’s, wrote a book about it called House of Darkness House of Light. The three volume book was about the hauntings that occurred in the house.

By Ava Crowder

Ava Crowder is a sophomore at Timber Creek High School and also is in the Falcon Band.