TikTok users have been taken by Noodle, the 13-year-old pug, who decides what kind of day the rest of us are going to have.

Every morning, owner Jonathan Graziano, picks Noodle out of his doggie bed and he will either sit up on his front legs or will flop back down into bed.

Graziano has deemed this game “No-bones”. Sitting up is a “bones day” and flopping back into bed is a “no-bones day”. No-bones day tells viewers that it is okay to take the day for themselves. Bones day means that viewers should make the day the best it can be and that it will be a good day.

Noodle has gotten a legion of support with 3.8 million followers on TikTok. Many viewers have stated that they don’t believe in horoscopes but will believe in whatever the pug says.

Apart from Noodle being a so-called oracle, Graziano brings words of inspiration to each video. “It’s a no bones day and you know what that means. be kind to yourself today, get out the jade roller, bust out the heated blanket. Just make sure to do something nice for yourself and have a great day.”

TikTok user @nataliahernandesauthor commented on one of Noodle’s readings saying, “Aaaahhhh yessss I’m finally talking to my editor about my manuscript today so I couldn’t be happier for a Bones Day!!! Thanks Noodle!”

Many well-known brands and sports teams have been commenting on each post, proving how well known this pug is. The Dallas Stars commented on a Bones Day video saying, “MONDAY BONES DAY OMG LET’S GO!!!!!!!”

If you want to stay up to date to what kind of day it is going to be, follow @jongraz on TikTok and on Twitter.

By Phoebe Lowe

Phoebe is a Junior and the Fine Arts Editor of the Timber Creek Talon. She is also a member of Falcon Theatre.