The first round of the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) all-state choir auditions finished on Saturday, Sept. 18 with 50 TCHS students advancing, the most of any school that competed in the region. This year, the top students in each voice part per region advanced after the initial round of auditions.

The process of an all-state audition for each round is pretty complicated. There were a total of 10 songs that students had to learn in case they were featured in their round. Students learn the entirety of each song required for that round, in case any of those songs end up being in the audition cut.

“I was definitely surprised [as a freshman] to make it, it wasn’t expecting to, and I mostly wanted to get experience and see how I would stack up where I am now, so it was surprising to get it.” said freshman Avian Pham.

The All-State process is essentially the juggernaut competition in the choir community. It’s a time for underclassmen to make themselves known as musicians, and for the upperclassmen to get their chance to really shine and show what their work for the last four years has been for.

“It was really scary and sometimes intimidating, I know while it can be intimidating for the younger all-state auditionees, that feeling isn’t really something that goes away,” senior Houston Goff said. “We’re just people with more experience, and there’s really nothing stopping them from making it as far, if not farther than those with more experience. You really just gotta work for it and see where you land.”

Read the full list below:

Ainsley Perry – Soprano 1
Alexia Cruz – Soprano 2
Amari Stephenson – Tenor 1
Amber Johnson – Soprano 2
Andrew Corona – Tenor 2
Avery Ivey – Alto 2
Avery Tice – Soprano 1
Avian Pham – Alto 2
Brooke Dorris – Soprano 2
Caitlyn Melton – Soprano 2
Claire Greenhill – Alto 1
Claire Remo – Alto 2
Cole O’Dell – Tenor 1
Emma Massengale – Soprano 1
Ethan Schreihofer – Bass 2
Hadley Airhart – Alto 2
Houston Goff – Bass 2
Isabella Foresta – Alto 1
Isaiah Blalock – Tenor 2
Kaedyn McClain – Tenor 1
Kenna Morris – Soprano 1
Kennedy Schultz – Alto 2
Kirryn Parson – Alto 2
Kyra Zielke – Alto 1
Lana Salcedo – Soprano 1
Logan Patterson – Tenor 2
Luke McCartney – Bass 2
MacKenzie Braegger – Alto 1
Madison Cauffiel – Soprano 1
Madison Simon – Alto 2
Mia Cavazos – Soprano 2
Mia Hynes – Alto 1
Mina Haring – Soprano 1
Noah Horton – Tenor 1
Nyah Adler – Alto 1
Olive Miller – Soprano 2
Rachel Mareth – Alto 1
Reighly Bucher – Soprano 1
Rylee DeMeglio – Alto 2
Riley Olvier – Alto 2
Samantha Bustos – Soprano 2
Tailor Petris – Soprano 2
Timothy McCracken – Tenor
Triana Gonzalez – Soprano 1
Tyler Holton – Bass 1
Zachariah Collazo – Bass 1
Zion Mukendi – Alto 2

By Jules

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