Homecoming nominations were released here on Friday, Sept. 10. Voting for Homecoming Court will be on Tuesday, Sept. 14, and Wednesday, Sept. 15 on the Talon during all lunches.

Read below to meet your senior court and why they’re running.

Senior Female Nominees

Kacey Testerman

“I chose to run for homecoming queen because having a LGBTQ+ member would be a great representation for our community, and goes outside the norms of your standard nominee. I feel others should vote for me because I truly strive to have complete equality for my fellow peers no matter who they are and it would truly be a big win for me and my community,” Kacey Testerman said.

Sydney Baker

“I’m running for HOCO Queen because I thought it would be a super fun experience for my senior year. And y’all should vote for me because I am out on the field representing the Sky Dancers, a vote for me is a vote for the Timber Creek Sky Dancers,” Sydney Baker said.

Natalee Nelson

“I decided to run because I think it’s a fun thing that I’ll be able to tell my kids about one day. I want you to vote for me so I can live out my 5th grade dreams of being Jacob’s queen,” Natalee Nelson said.

Lilly Grimes

“I’m running for HOCO Queen, with Alex as my King, because we’ve been together since 8th grade and we want to represent the drumline for the fourth year in a row. It’s exciting to run as a couple, instead of just with friends. People should vote for me because they’d be supporting the drumline and continuing the band legacy Wade and Bella set in place last year,” Lilly Grimes said.

Emma Margason

“I ran with my friend Malachi because we wanted to do something fun and outside our comfort zones our senior year. He didn’t make it on court, but I’m still excited to be a part of all the fun HOCO court traditions,” Emma Margason said.

Senior Male Nominees

Josh Compton

“I’m running for King because I wanted to be as involved as possible for my senior year. You should vote for me because I try my best to set the standard for others, whether that’s leading on the football field or looking out for my peers,” Josh Compton said.

Jacob Porter

“I just thought it’d be fun to give it a go for senior year, and you should vote for me because I can undoubtedly dance better than any of the other candidates,” Jacob Porter said.

Ethan Hyatt

“I’ve never actually run before. I’m the youngest of three brothers so I wanted to do something they hadn’t done yet. You should vote for me because I’m completely regular and I’m the common man of these nominees,” Ethan Hyatt said.

Kyle Zalick

“People should vote for me because I love this school and community,” Kyle Zalick said

Alex Hernandez

“I’m running for court, along with Lilly, because we’ve been together since freshman year and have represented the drumline each year since then. People should vote for me so I can make my past section leader, Wade Jensen, proud because that would be hype. I also dedicate my running to the remembrance of choir cookies,” Alex Hernandez said.

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