During a time when it’s difficult to connect to one another due to the pandemic, finding different ways to keep in touch and interact with others can be uplifting. For Melissa Taylor’s class, communicating to other classes across the courtyard via sticky notes was one way to connect with students.

Mrs. Taylor’s class started the trend and other classes began to follow.

“I’m a trendsetter and as a two time homecoming empress, I think it is my duty to set the trends for my subjects,” Taylor said.

This school year was stressful for some students due to how the year was structured but the sticky note communication with other classes was something that students could enjoy and have fun with.

“It was really fun to work on the sticky notes and to just distract from crazy school and stress and to instead think about a fun project,” sophomore Ashton Qudrini said. 

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By Aleena Davis

Editor-In-Chief for Talon and a senior who loves writing, photography and dogs.

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