Military Coup D’etat Sparks Protests in Myanmar

Protests have been taking place all over Myanmar after a military coup d’etat on Feb. 1. Over 3,000 people have been detained and over 500 people have been killed by military forces.

After ten years of democracy, the Military has taken over because of speculation over a general election where the National League of Democracy won by a landslide. Election officials and International observers have claimed that there was no evidence of fraudulence.

Fitness instructor Khing Hnin Wai can be seen recording her aerobic workout for a fitness dance competition as the military makes its way to the parliament behind her.

The demonstration began with banging pots and pans and has led to massive protests in the streets. The military has responded with tear gas, physical aggression, and ammunition with real bullets, killing hundreds of protesters. The protests and military aggression have been posted across social media in hopes of spreading awareness. According to CNN on March 8, the military has seized hospitals and universities to gain more power.

The protesters have been using a three-finger salute from “The Hunger Games” to express their defiance against the military.

The Myanmar military has expanded its internet shutdown, making it more difficult to access information about what’s going on. The military cut down the country’s broadband internet leaving only slow fiberoptic internet.

Military commander-in-chief, Min Aung Hlaing, is now in charge. The military has declared a state of emergency for a year. The military claims that they will hold a fair election once the state of emergency is over.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a famous activist who is known for her work of bringing democracy to Myanmar. She is considered the de facto leader of Myanmar, as she was not able to become President due to her children who are foreign nationals despite her and her party, the NLD, winning the election in 2015. Her official title was state counselor and President Win Myint was her close advisor. She and many other leaders have been charged and detained. Suu Kyi’s location has not been disclosed since the coup started.

Myanmar or formerly known as Burma gained independence from Britain in 1948. Since their independence from Britain, Myanmar was under military rule from 1962 to 2011. During the Military rule in 1989, they changed the country’s name from Burma to Myanmar.

Many nations have denounced the coup but none have taken immediate action.

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