The Academic Decathlon team is searching for new members. The team needs three students that average an A, three with a B, and three with a C. Most of the team is graduating seniors and the spots will need to be filled for the program to continue. Alternates are also wanted. Academic decathlon is a class period and not an after school club, so it will take up an elective spot.

Academic Decathlon is a competition where at the beginning of the year all competing schools are given a broad topic, this year was the Cold War. There are 10 different subjects that are prepared that are related to the year’s topic; science, social science, literature, art, music, math, economics, essay, speech, and interview. Competitors learn about each topic all year in class. They then move to regionals and compete against the other teams in our region, taking tests on each of the topics or giving a speech or an interview.  

“I’ve done it for the past two years and I’ve absolutely loved it,” Courtney Wittrock said. “I’ve had the opportunity to to make new friends and meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise met. It is one of my favorite classes and I can’t wait to continue doing it throughout high school.”

If interested in joining or wanting to get more information talk to a counselor or the Academic Decathlon coach, Mr. Metcalf.

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