VIDEO: Nine TC Choir Students Advance to All-State

Timber Creek Choir has produced nine All-State winners for the 2020-2021 season. The closest school, GPFAA, produced six winners. All-State is a yearly competition with four rounds, each round eliminating more singers each time. The competitors are given anywhere from six to eight pieces over the summer to practice. They then perform the pieces during auditions along with sight reading. With COVID-19 protocol, the auditions were held virtually which helped in the sense that the singers were able to perfect the recording they submitted to the judges.

One of Timber Creek’s winners, Parker Davis, is the first four-time All-Stater in Timber Creek history, meaning he has made All-State all four years of high school.

“I’d say in a year, I would put at least 50 hours into practicing for All-State,” said Davis. “A lot of time goes into the practicing, the sight reading, the music.”

2020-2021 Timber Creek Choir All-State Winners

Ainsley Perry – Soprano 1 – Junior – 6th Chair 

Taylor Harr – Soprano 2 – Senior – 9th Chair

Rachel Mareth – Alto 1 – Junior – 5th Chair 

Hutton Stiller – Alto 2 – Senior – 3rd Chair

Kirryn Parson – Alto 2 – Sophomore – 9th Chair

Kaedyn McClain – Tenor 1 – Junior – 1st Chair

Parker Davis – Bass 1 – Senior – 1st Chair 

Houston Goff – Bass 2 – Junior – 3rd Chair 

Luke McCartney – Tenor 1 – Freshman – 5th Chair 

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