Scientists Discover World’s Longest Animal

Scientists have discovered a creature is called a Siphonophore and it is thought to be the largest animal ever recorded. It is formed from thousands of individual cells that string together to form one (estimated) 150 ft. long, holistic living animal. 

Siphonophores are made up of groups of zooids, a cluster of cells that clone themselves thousands of times to form one large, connected being. Each zooid is its own individual; however, when formed together each one fills a role to keep the creature alive.

With the help of a remotely piloted underwater robot called SuBastian, researchers at the Schmidt Ocean Institute were able to discover this aquatic beast.

The Schmidt Ocean team set out on a year-long expedition to explore Australia’s reef in the Pacific Ocean. This is all in an effort to obtain information about undiscovered creatures, as well as find ways to protect the underwater ecosystems.

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