PHOTOS: Boys and Girls Basketball Work Towards Playoffs

Despite the uncertainty of the future of sports during the pandemic, both boys and girls basketball have started off strong this winter. With both teams having previous playoff appearances, coaches and players seek the opportunity to make a comeback. Starting the season during winter break, the teams have a multiple wins and are looking to come out on top throughout district.

After making playoffs during the 2018-2019 season, the boys team is looking to make a comeback. Senior and 3 year veteran, Nolan Killday, said the most important thing to focus on during this season is coming together and creating cohesion on the court.

“We talk non stop in the locker room and are always making jokes with each other to create a bond,” said Killday.

Losing 7 seniors from the previous season, returning varsity players have had to step up and readjust to losing such vital players. The team has multiple first-year varsity players, many of whom are young in comparison to previous rosters. The team’s main focus this season is to grow based on player’s experience.

“For the younger people, it’s for them to develop, learn and understand. For the seniors, it’s our last ride, so we give it everything we’ve got,” said Killday.

Much like the boys team, the girls basketball team is hoping to once again make it to playoffs, and advance past the 2nd round. For multiple seasons, the girls team has made it to the playoffs, but haven’t been able to push back the 2nd round. 4-year varsity player, Mia Topping, talked about the teams expectations for the season.

“Our goals are to remain undefeated in district and get past our second round hump in playoffs,” said Topping. “We are putting in work in and out of practice and giving our all every game.”

Keeping COVID-19 in mind, both teams have had to adjust to protocols and shifting schedules.

“Everyone has been sacrificing extra time of their days to remain game ready,” said Topping. “This year is very different because we have to give up way more than usual to make sure we all can play and get a chance to even finish the season.”

Being a close-knit team off the court, their bond reflects back into their intensity on the court.

“We all have kept open lines of communication with each other on and off the court to really just get to know each other,” said Topping. “It really shows on the court because we look very sync with each other.”

Through the thick of district, both basketball programs have conquered difficult district contenders, and are hoping to keep the wins coming. Although playoffs are a possible outcome for the season, players are pushing themselves to their limits in order to achieve their goals.

View Photos from the Boys and Girls Basketball teams as they took on Southlake Carroll on Jan. 8 and 9th, 2021:

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