“Assassins” Apart: Seniors Create Fun Amidst COVID-19

The 2020-2021 year has been an ongoing battle for everyone. Class of 2021 Seniors, especially, are having to change expectations of their last year. With a lack of previously promised activities such as traditional pep rallies and Homecoming, Timber Creek Seniors have found a safe way to make their final year more fun.

Senior Ashlyn Brakemeir and friends started a game they call “Senior Assassin” in early September 2020. They created a way to play while also staying safe.

“It was just a fun game that we had wanted to play, some had known about it and have wanted to play since sophomore year,” explained Brakemeir.

The game started with 40 people that were split into 20 teams of two. Each team is tasked to tag another team out. In compliance to COVID-19 safety regulations, these students have cracked the code to a fun, social distanced, and safe game for senior year — they used water guns.

To start, a page of rules was created including how to stay “safe.” On certain days, participants could wear pool floats, goggles, and swim caps to keep safe from the tagger. In addition, there are also times and places that are off limits to tag opponents. As a result, the game has created a small sense of normalcy without it being effected by COVID-19.

“I remember my partner forgot her float once and was stranded in a Walmart bathroom and I had to drive 15 minutes to come save her,” reminisced Maycie Wilson, a participant in the game.

As a new year and the new game continue to unfold, there are more innovative ways to still enjoy time during the pandemic. Some of which may continue in the years to come.

“We are hoping that it will continue as a tradition through all the senior classes and that it gains more popularity,” Brakemeir said. “My sister is a freshmen and her friends have already expressed excitement to play it their senior year.”

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