Time Management Sucks But I’ve Got a Few Ways to Help

Keeping track of time and making sure you have enough of it to get all your work done is a tricky thing. You can easily forget an assignment and suddenly not have enough time to complete it when you do remember it again. Time management even got me when I was writing this. You can plan in your head when you’ll get something down and how long it will take, but you can still somehow end up with not enough time. I’m having that same problem with school right now and it doesn’t help when you throw a job or hobby in the mix. 

List it Out

Some things that have helped me are writing lists and having a calendar where you can see it everyday and see what you have due soon. I will write and rewrite a list of all the assignments I need to get in and it helps me remember to actually get it done. I’ll write down a few things that I know need to be finished by the end of the day and I’ll make my way through my list. You can set times to have a specific assignment be finished and turned in or you can just try to completely cross off your entire list. 

Set a Date

Having a calendar helps you know what’s due and when. You can set some time aside and make sure you get it done before the day its due. It’s the worst feeling when you’re rushing to complete three assignments in one day. I will sometimes get to the point where I have four or five assignments I need to have turned in by the end of the day and having a calendar has helped a lot. 

Keep Pushing Through

One of the biggest things though is just having discipline on yourself. You’ll never get anything done if you’re not motivated and its definitely hard, especially right now with so many students being remote. I even fall victim to not being motivated but you just have to find something that will push you into completing your work. But I do believe if you follow some of these tips then you can benefit.

Have some more tips to help keep on track? Share your Time Management tips in the comments below!

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