Timber Creek Transitions to Co-Seating for Spring 2021 Semester

Timber Creek Administration announced that the campus will shift to co-seating for every class at TCHS starting when students return to school on January 5, 2021.

The announcement was e-mailed to students and parents on Friday, Dec. 11, 2020 and described the changes.

“Beginning January 5, when students return from Winter Break, all courses at TCHS will be co-seated. This means that all teachers will teach remote/quarantined students and in-person students simultaneously,” the e-mail stated.

Within the school, teachers and other educators are receiving additional technology and training to help facilitate the change.

“We believe that this method will offer the best possible learning experience for in-person students, students who have chosen to learn remotely, and students who are required to stay at home due to quarantine protocols,” the administration’s e-mail stated.

Administrators told Talon that other Keller ISD high schools have also moved to this co-seating arrangement.

Within the e-mail, the following important notes were raised.

Please see the following additional notes about this new co-seated schedule.

  • The expectation will be that every student will attend live class every period, every day for the entirety of the classroom teaching. This will be a change from current remote and quarantined student expectations.
  • Every student will be expected to be in classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, whether at TCHS or at home.
  • If a student must go remote due to quarantine at any point, their schedule will not change. This new teaching structure will allow for a smooth transition in learning.
  • Due to this change, regardless of instructional choice, every student will receive a new schedule for the second semester. 
  • Students will remain in the courses currently scheduled but will likely meet at different periods and with different teachers (similar to receiving a schedule on the first day of school in August).
  • Seniors are not guaranteed late arrival or early release that matches the first semester. It is possible this may change based on course availability.
  • Just as is our practice each August, we will not be able to accommodate teacher requests or new course requests.
  • New schedules will be live to view in Aeries on January 4.
  • Second semester classes will begin on January 5.

Keller ISD’s Winter Break begins Dec. 19, 2020 and runs through January 4, 2021, when teachers will be back on campus to prepare for students to arrive again and start the second semester on Jan. 5, 2021.

This story will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

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