Timber Creek Choirs Record Demos For Professional Composers

Members of the Timber Creek Choir are some of the first singers to perform brand-new works from professional composer — and now those recordings are going to be a guide for future performances.

On Wednesday Dec. 2, the TCHS Chamber Choir recorded several demo songs for professional composers — most notably, choral juggernaut Elaine Hagenberg. These demo recordings serve as the “sound of a piece” on a composer’s platform for directors nationwide to decide whether or not they want to use a piece.

More often than not, if a piece of music has no recording, directors skip over it since they have no reference for their ensemble to use when learning the piece. 

“I’m just so proud of the fact that in a year where its really easy to treat like a write-off, that we’re doing something cool, and not just doing something cool but doing something meaningful,” said Assistant Director Alissa Suver. 

In place of a typical concert, recordings give the choir a new goal to look toward, and composers a vessel for their music to be heard. Although the initial date of Nov. 12 got postponed due to a school-mandated shutdown to prevent further COVID spikes, the choir picked things right back up where they left off, and the other three choir ensembles will collaborate on an additional piece as well.

Click here to watch the Chamber recording series and stay tuned for the cross-ensemble piece as well.


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