CTE Courses, Service Organizations Prepare Students for Future Employment

Keller ISD provides numerous opportunities for students to explore a wide variety of careers. Students have the chance to experience what career they want to pursue while still in high school. Their pathways provide a learning experience and opportunities to find their passion and what they want to do in life.

The district provide endorsements in Arts and Humanities, Business and Industry, Public Service, and STEM. In order to earn the endorsements for graduation, students need to complete a “coherent sequence of four or more credits that consist of two or more courses in the same career cluster.” Within those endorsements, there are a wide variety of pathways students can choose from like architectural design, theatre production, clinical rotation, and engineering classes.

“Classes offered at Timber Creek, like medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, have definitely prepared me with the basic knowledge I needed in order to follow along with for CNA, and the class that I am currently in, PCT,” Ashley Her said.

Ashley Her and Khyra White are both seniors at Timber Creek. They both are very passionate students who are a part of two different pathways. White is a part of the Law and Public safety pathway and Her is a part of the health science pathway. Her and White are a part of multiple after-school activities, strenuous classes, and have other demanding responsibilities on their schedule. Her is involved with Keller Center for Advance Learning (KCAL), Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), and National Honor Society (NHS). White is involved with Student Council and Law Club.

“As a student, NHS keeps me in check with being honest, having integrity, and serving the community. HOSA gives me opportunities to gain more insight into the career field that I am interested in, through competitions and guest speakers,” Her said.

Her wants to be a physician’s assistant and plans on majoring in public health at a Texas University, hopefully, at the University of Texas, she stated. She wants to be a physican’s assistant specializing in dermatology or obstetrics and gynecology. Her wants to pursue health care because it offers her flexibility to explore her personal interests within the area of study, such as health disparities and accessibility, as well as environmental and social sciences.

“With my certifications, I wish to one day be able to join an outreach program to provide care to those in under-served areas struggling to get the care that they need,” Her said.

White plans on majoring in Neuroscience or Psychology and hopes to attend UT Austin. She wants to pursue a career as a detective or an FBI agent. White wants to pursue neuroscience or psychology because she is interested in the way our brain works and how it affects people’s actions.

“In 5 years, I see myself living in an apartment near Quantico, VA, where the FBI headquarters are located, completing the various tests involved in the application process of the FBI. In 10 years, I hope to be an official agent finding evidence to catch serial killers, and in 20, I see myself as a field operative hopefully going undercover every so often,” White said.

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