Seasons of Giving: Theater’s Philanthropic Performances

On Nov. 14 The Falcon Theatre will release their annual Seasons of Giving performance. TCTV will record theatre classes and recordings will be available on Nov. 14. This years theme will center around community and what community means to students and people.

“In theatre we are mostly becoming a different person and digging into who they are, but in seasons of giving I can express who I am,” theatre student, Remedy Dixon said.

Throughout November and December, theatre will dedicate themselves to the Seasons of Giving by giving back to the community. The theatre fun-run raised funds for the Mowat-Wilson Syndrome Foundation and the performances’ proceeds will go towards a local food bank. Theatre is also accepting donations and pledges. This will be the theatre department’s third year of performing for the cause.

“Since we’ve started seasons of giving, my pieces have been very personal and I think that the process has really helped me learn more about myself,” Dixon said. “The process also helps us develop skills as a performer. It might be tough to start, but it ultimately teaches us how to take a theme, develop an idea, and execute it successfully.”

Production and Musical Theatre are also participating in this project. The Production students will be able to produce and perform their own original pieces. Musical Theatre students will perform musical songs that correlate to the theme of community.

“I’m most excited to see everyone’s idea come to life in our final performances,” Dixon said. “I’ve heard many good ideas and I’m excited to see them.”

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