Early voting in Tarrant County began on Tuesday, October 13th, pulling in record numbers for registered votes. Within the first 2 days, a total of 7% out of all registered voters in the area submitted ballots. Votes would continue to pour in to the polls over the next six days, as from October 13-19, an estimated 23% of all registered voters in the county submitted their ballots.

Within the first week alone (excluding Sunday, as polls are closed) almost a quarter of votes had been cast via mail-ins and in-person voting. The seeming urgency around getting ballots submitted early likely looms from the immense pressure from the Presidential election, as well as the ever-changing schedule due to COVID-19.

Multiple stands in Texas have reported technology issues, delaying the process. In certain locations across north Texas, lines are being reported to take as long as 45 minute to get a vote in.

Not shockingly, Texas stands to lead the nation in total number of ballots cast with an estimated 4 million votes already cast. These numbers are not only critical to getting a preview of the Presidential election, but also for results at city and state levels of goverment.

No matter which candidate you support, go out and vote. Linked below is a map of all eligible in-person voting polls in Tarrant County, as well as a link to the reported waiting time at each location.

Where Can I Vote In Tarrant County?

Early Voting Wait Times

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