TAFE Provides Options for Future Educators

Since 1984, Texas Association of Future Educators have made it their mission to give extra help to students who are pursuing a future in education. TAFE is similar to Educators Rising, the national association, but is specific to Texas students. It is a career and technical student organization to further help students pursue their calling in education.

Every year students compete together in many different competitions and events such as lesson planning, children literature, and a statewide competition called Chapter Yearbook.

“Last year when we competed we went to Mcallen, [we had] tons of fun while also having every member make it to state,” recollected Hannah Buttram, Secretary of the club.

Mrs. Kim Smith, the teacher who oversees the club, helps these students to explore options in education and equip them with the necessary skills.  

Being apart of the organization offers many opportunities and benefits to the students who choose to join. These opportunities include networking and making a connection at a competition or an event that could give you an early push in your future career.

“For further in the future, it gives them networking opportunities, every event we go to is an opportunity to meet people that could be their colleagues, administrators, or bosses someday,” Smith explained. 

The program, while geared towards preparation for a future in education, will benefit anyone who chooses to participate.

“I have a student who is going into nursing, and she has been apart for a while, and she loves it,” Smith said.  “You could be a nurse educator, you’re going into nursing and you’re getting these great experiences in TAFE.”

The club currently meets every second Wednesday on Zoom. If you are interested in joining, email Mrs. Smith to be added to a Canvas course filled with information, the meeting code and times. She will be able to answer any questions you may have about the program. 

Those who choose to be apart will leave with a broader outlook on education and valuable skills such as leadership, responsibility, character, and hospitality. The club introduces many options for a career in education that can be used in every day life.

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