How to Safely Trick-Or-Treat in a Pandemic

As we have entered the Spooky Season one question on everyone’s mind is how is Trick-or-Treating going to work in a pandemic?

In response, the City of Keller has been posting safety tips on their social media platforms. Those going out should be wearing a mask, staying six feet away from those not in their household, use hand sanitizer and wash hands when possible, don’t linger at doorways and don’t enter other’s homes, and avoid being in large groups.

For those who will be handing out candy, it’s recommended to put the candy in a bowl or in baggies. If answering the door wear a mask, sanitize and wash hands whenever possible, keep interactions outside of your home, and disinfect the doorbell and doorknob frequently.

The safest option will be staying home and away from others but if Trick-Or-Treating is a must, please stay safe.

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