A New Leaf: Submit to the 2020 Fall Art and Literary Magazine

Submissions are now open for the Fall edition of FLIGHT, our Art and Literary Magazine. This season’s theme is “A New Leaf.” To turn over a new leaf means to start anew in one’s life, to change. That is exactly what this edition in about: change.

With COVID-19, the lock down, remote school, and everything else going this year, things have been changing fast. We aren’t the same people we were when the clock struck midnight on the start of 2020. So, channel that experience and create something centered around change. Or, find an old piece you’ve created that follows the theme.

The magazine showcases student works in the form of art, digital media, short stories, poetry, photography, plays, monologues, and more. All submissions are due October 28, 2020.

Submissions should be under 2,000 words. Selections for the final product will be made based on length, subject matter, relevance to theme, etc. The editors reserve the right to edit any and all submissions for spelling, grammar, format and clarity.

UPDATE: Deadline has been extended to Nov. 18!

View the 2020 Edition here: https://www.timbercreektalon.com/2021/01/2020-art-and-literature-magazine-a-new-leaf/

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