What’s Next: Falcon Theatre Takes a New Approach

This year, Falcon Theatre is taking a new approach to their Fall lineup. In the time of COVID-19, precautions need to be taken for a safe theatre experience. The rehearsal process no longer looks like what it did only 7 months ago. The three shows this Fall season are: I and You directed by Amanda Brundrett, Peter Pan directed by Craig Robertson, and one more show that has yet to be announced, which is directed by Lance Morse. In all three productions, precautions are being taken to ensure a safe rehearsal process.

“The directors are doing an amazing job keeping everyone safe and accountable,” Senior actor Sam Clapp said.

The rehearsal process follows the same structure as it has in the past, with some extra safety measures. Company members must wear masks at all times during rehearsals. Students are instructed (and blocked) to remain six feet apart at all times. No more than fifteen students per director are allowed at a rehearsal. There are temperature checks for the entire company on select days. On top of all these rules, all safety guidelines set forth by Timber Creek and Keller ISD are to be followed.

“The rules that Falcon Theatre have set are subject to change as we move forward in the rehearsal process,” Robertson said.

This year’s production of Peter Pan is based directly on the book by J.M. Barrie. It utilizes movement and music to stylistically allow for the abstract blocking necessary for social distancing.

“The goal is to make shows this year where you don’t even realize the characters are being socially distant,” Clapp said. “There aren’t any official rights for the show so we can play around with lines however we want. The script is very fluid.”

With the global pandemic being a concern, a public in-person performance is out of the question. Dates and details are not set in stone, but directors are already thinking about other ways to bring their performances to the public.

“No audiences will be allowed at our performance,” Robertson said. “For Peter Pan, we will not be live streaming our performance. We will prerecord our show and edit it together in a way that hopefully gives the audience a sense that they are in the room with us.”

Navigating the rehearsal and performance during this time is definitely a challenge. However, in a creative space like theater, difficult situations can be an opportunity for creative solutions.

“I love a challenge,” Robertson said. “I think that how you deal with a crisis or an obstacle tells a lot about who you are as a person. I’m excited to have the opportunity to dive into this piece and inspire the students to take the reins and create something incredible and new.”

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Kat McDonald-Wilson is a senior at TCHS. She is the Fine Arts Editor for the Timber Creek Talon and the Copy Editor for the Art and Literature Magazine.

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