Quarantine Brings Small Business Opportunities for Falcons

As many sat at home wasting the days away during quarantine, students like seniors Cheyenne Hailey and Maycie Williams have taken the time to turn dreams into a reality. Wasting no time, these students took the opportunity to start their own small businesses.

Hey Haileys

Cheyenne Hailey, a senior, created a small army with over 600 followers on her new online boutique’s Instagram page.

“I’ve always wanted to run a business and do it to make girls feel beautiful and confident so I thought running an online boutique could do just that,” Hailey said.

She decided to not let the struggles of COVID-19 get in her way of realizing her dream. Since stores have closed their doors to in-person traffic, many people turned to online shopping and Hailey used that to her advantage.

“I started during COVID so I knew there were going to be pros and cons,” she explained. “But so far, the pros are better than the cons.”

Hailey is very optimistic about the future of her boutique, and hopes that one day she’ll be able to start running her own store.

Reese’s Pieces

Senior Maycie Williams has let her creative side shine during her time at home. Williams is a self-proclaimed accessory lover.

“With all of the time staying home, I decided to put it to good use and start making and selling stuff that I personally love,” she said.

Starting a business during times like these definitely came with its fair share of challenges. COVID made it difficult for Williams to promote her products.

“There were challenging aspects, mainly with advertising,” Willams said. “If the circumstances had been different I would have been able to wear my own products to social events and advertise in person. While during COVID, I was restricted to just online advertising via social media.”

Williams’ online store has an array of scrunchies and earrings to compliment any outfit.

Where to check them out

You can check out both shops on Instagram @hey.haileys, and @shop.reeses.pieces. You can also visit the Hey Haileys website here.

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