TCFM Celebrates Black Artists With Special Event Sept. 14

TCFM, Timber Creek’s Student Radio, will stream Black artists and interviews with student activists, starting Monday, Sept. 14, from 5 p.m. till 6 p.m. TCFM students wanted to bring awareness towards issues of race in the United States, including recent protests, by starting the project.

“When I got to school and was going through my duties as TCFM Manager, I realized there was something I could do to help and spread the message,” Imani Wilson said.

Wilson pitched the idea of a stream a week into school. Wilson wanted to do more as an activist other than signing petitions and donating. She was inspired by YouTube charity live streams. Fellow TCFM Manager, Andy Shenoy, and Wilson have been working together to create the stream. They learned how to create a playlist and a live stream in a span of a few days for the event.

“Black artists and creators have been on the rise in popularity recently and it’s important to show creative efforts that have been put forward by the African American community,” Wilson said.

During the stream, TCFM will play an interview between Wilson and student activists, Suhdheshna Khadka and Parker Sutliff, talking about racism and its issues as well as the Black Lives Matter movement. In between the interviews, the stream will play music from Beyonce and Tiwa Savage and many other black artists and creators.

“I was extremely excited to learn that they were doing this stream, and I honestly hope that students take this as an opportunity to be open-minded, and listen to their peers’ thoughts,” Khadka said.

The interviews will highlight racism and its issues. The target audience of teenagers will be able to sit and listen to Khadka and Sutliff’s thoughts and opinions. Within the interview, they cover issues and topics like systemic racism, doing your own research, and pushing the student body to reevaluate their own racial biases.

“I hope at the very least it inspires people to get up and take action,” Wilson said. “I just hope that it reaches enough students that they want to participate or at least be more vocal.”

Listen to TCFM at the following link:—Timber-Creek-Student-Ra-a27886

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