Election season is right around the corner, and for many of our Seniors, so is their first time to vote on a Presidential Election. Donald Trump is the current president of the United States, and is aiming for re-election in the 2020 race and is running alongside his current Vice President, Mike Pence. Without further delay, let’s talk about policy.

COVID-19 Responses:

Where does Trump stand on approaching COVID-19? 

Trump opposes a national requirement for mask-wearing and left it to states or local governments to enact mandates, although the federal Strategic National Stockpile is providing some masks.

Withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO)? 

Yes, Trump advocates to withdraw from the World Health Organization over what he called the group’s “China-centric” Coronavirus response.

Trade and Economy:

Where does Trump stand on raising the minimum wage? 

Unclear. Trump’s campaign did not clarify his stance by publication.

What about “Made in America” policies? 

Yes, Trump signed an executive order requiring that certain “essential” drugs and medical supplies purchased by the federal government be manufactured domestically.

Taxes and Finance:

How about eviction relief during the pandemic?

Yes, but he has not clarified on the terms of rent back-pay and the interest it will cost to American renters and homeowners.

What is Trump’s stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal? 

*Once fully implemented, the CPTPP will establish a free trade area that spans the Asia-Pacific region, with its 11 member countries representing 13.5% of global GDP and 500 million consumers

No, Trump fulfilled a campaign promise to withdraw from the deal at the beginning of his first term.

Where does Trump stand on cutting Social Security?

Unknown, there have been multiple conflicting statements given and Trump’s campaign did not clarify his stance by publication.

Does Trump support the 2017 GOP tax cut? 

Yes, he passed this tax cut in 2017, which gave many middle class Americans temporary savings, while large corporations got a significant tax cut.

How about supporting increasing capital gains taxes?

No, and he has expressed consideration for cutting them altogether.

Does Trump support the increase of the corporate tax rate?

No, and he has lowered the corporate tax rate by 14%, from 35% to 21%.


Where does Trump stand on the Affordable Care Act? 

Trump has said he would offer a replacement plan, but has not done so as of 9/29. His administration supports a case, now before the Supreme Court, that seeks to overturn the law from 2010.

Supports allowing undocumented immigrants to get insurance through Medicaid or other public insurance programs?

No, Donald Trump has asserted that to allow undocumented immigrants to get public insurance would only worsen the illegal immigration problem.

Criminal Matters:

Is Trump in support of defunding the police? 

Trump has defended law enforcement against calls to “defund the police” or to abolish police, saying that most in law enforcement are “doing an incredible job.”

What is Trump’s stance on ending qualified immunity, which shields police from lawsuits?

Trump has called the idea of ending qualified immunity for police “crazy.”

Does Trump support the federal legalization of Marijuana? 

No, and Trump said he would work out a bipartisan bill to work out the state-federal differences.

Where does Trump stand on the death penalty and pay bail? 

Donald Trump supports the death penalty and pay bail. He’s also expressed the idea of allowing judges to decide whether an accused person can leave bail free or must wait in prison for their trial.

Voting and Government:

Does Trump support quickly filling the Supreme Court vacancy following Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death?

Yes, Donald Trump has begun the process of attempting to fill formerly RBG’s vacant seat before the election.

Where does Trump stand on restoring voting privileges for felons who have served their sentences? 

Donald Trump is against restoring felon’s voting privileges.

How about supporting Puerto Rico in the process of statehood? 

No, Donald Trump said in 2018, “With the mayor of San Juan as bad as she is and as incompetent as she is, Puerto Rico shouldn’t be talking about statehood until they get some people that really know what they’re doing…”

And, what on eliminating the Electoral College? 

Both President Trump and Joe Biden are against the ending of the Electoral College.

Foreign Policy:

Who supports withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban?

Both President Trump and Joe Biden are for removing troops out of Afghanistan, except for focusing on Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

What about increasing the Defense Department budget from current levels?

Trump and Congress increased the military budget by removing the restraints on spending imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011, increases to the defense budget followed. (In the creation of Trump’s Space Force, pay increases for the military, and investments in a vast modernization of the American nuclear arsenal.)

Climate and Environment:

Does Trump support an active role for the federal government in reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

No, Donald Trump has rolled back Obama-era environmental policies and advocated for the increased use of Fossil Fuels.

Does Trump support a fracking ban?

No, Trump advocates for the natural gas extraction method of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, as it keeps energy prices low.

What about banning Fossil Fuel exports? 

Donald Trump is against the banning of Fossil Fuel exports.

Supports the use of nuclear power? 

Yes, Donald Trump wholeheartedly supports the use of nuclear power.


Who supports building an additional wall on the U.S.-Mexico border?

President Trump supports further the border wall, and intends on having 450 miles completed by the end of the year.

Does Trump support the United States accepting fewer than 50,000 refugees per year?

The Trump administration initially limited the number of refugees admitted to the United States in 2020 to 18,000, but pandemic-driven restrictions have further restricted access.


Does Trump support public funding for abortions?

No, he does not support public funding for those procedures.

Should there be restrictions on late-term abortions?

Yes, Donald Trump has repeatedly advocated for restrictions on late-term abortions.


Does Trump support making public colleges tuition-free?

No, he is against making public colleges tuition-free, regardless of annual income.

Does Trump support federal funding to send students to private schools?

One of Trump’s second-term agendas is to give, “every child a choice in school,” via private school federal vouchers.

Should there be more cross-examination of accusers of sexual assault at colleges and universities?

Yes, Donald Trump added news rules in May under his administration on campus sexual assault claims, some of which to protective legal rights of the accused.

Gun Control:

How about a federal assault weapons ban?

Donald Trump does not support a federal assault weapon ban or a mandatory weapon buyback.

What is Trump’s stance on a requirement for gun owners to register their firearms?

Donald Trump does not support requiring all gun owners to register their firearms.

And what about requiring background checks on every gun purchase?

As reported by the Washington Post, Donald Trump said there was “a very strong appetite” for background check legislation in the wake of mass shootings in 2019, but later abandoned the idea of releasing such a proposal. Trump’s campaign did not clarify his stance by publication.

LBGTQ Rights:

Where does Trump stand on extending federal anti-discrimination protections to gay and transgender people?

Donald Trump does not support federal anti-discrimination protection to Gay and Transgender people.

Does Trump support the ban on transgender people in the military?

Yes, Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he views Transgender people in the military as a liability.

Regardless of who you choose to vote for this election, it’s extremely important to know exactly who and what you’re endorsing. Of course, we can’t cover every policy out there, but hopefully this article gave you a better idea of where Donald Trump stands on some current issues. Happy voting, Falcons.

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