The office of the 2021 Senior Class is accepting candidates beyond just Student Council members this year.

This means that if you hold an officer position for an organization and are in good standing in that club, group, or team, you are eligible for the position. The Student Body officers want to give the opportunity for any and all students to have a voice this next coming year.

Anyone interested in becoming a 2021 senior class officer should join the GroupMe below to receive all info regarding elections.


In order for the application process to go quickly the officers ask that all applications are completed by the time that school is back in session. Applicants must digitally submit their application through the links below, in addition to videoing themselves giving a speech-telling whoever is watching why they are a good candidate and why they should be elected. Furthermore, applicants must have collected five recommendations from their teachers.

If school is delayed past Monday, April 6, these videos will be sent out via Twitter for voting purposes. Candidates must include their name, what office (not position) they’re running for etc.

Candidates must have the following completed by Friday, April 10:

  • Officer Application Submission
  • Senior Class Officer Candidate Form or Student Body Officer Candidate Form
  • All teacher recommendations (five total, including 4 from core class teachers)

The following links are listed for the applicant’s convenience.

FOR ALL: Officer Application Submission:

FOR ALL: Student Council Officer Teacher Recommendations (link sent to teachers):



By Erica Seay

Senior, Talon Reporter, TCTV Sports Editor, Senior Class Vice President

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