The artwork of students across the area adorned the TCHS Main Gym on Saturday, Feb. 22 during the annual Region 11 Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE) contest. This year, the art department has 37 artworks advance to the state VASE competition.

The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) has sponsored the VASE since 1994. Students are provided the opportunity to bring artworks created in their art classes to the regional event, where they were interviewed by a certified juror who evaluated their work based on a scale of 1-4.

The jury then selected the top ten percent of artworks which receive a 4 a to advance to the state level of competition. The state event this year is in San Marcos on Friday, April 24 through Saturday, April 25 at San Marcos High School.

A huge congratulations to the advancing artists:

Daniel Aghayere                                      Kristin Johnson (2 pieces)

Simon Alfaro                                            Lilliann Nunley (2 pieces)

Hawi Anbecha                                         Hannah Ongmanchi (2 pieces)

Lindsey Becker                                       Skylar Wright (2 pieces)

Adrea Hardy                                            Alexa Lugo

Meghan Lamsfuss                                 Valerie Schmidt

Carla Mercado                                        Rayvon Rogers

Davis Whitaker                                       Jacob Kuchar

Catherine Condit                                   Emylie Constante

Kathy Dang                                             Troy Sauvage-Southgate

Gabriella Doe                                          Wyatt Howard

Rachel Hunter                                        Murilo Gomes

Rose Hutchinson                                   Ava Cavazos

Katee Levie                                            Nina Rush

Hayden Tan                                           Ava Pilcher

Megan Uvaney                                     Abby Dunn

Meredith Wiggins

View many of the pieces in this gallery below:

By Cooper Gant

Cooper is a the current sports editor for the Talon. He is the current president of the German club and can found at school sporting events.

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