Prom-for many seniors, is the biggest night of their high school careers. So much time and effort goes into searching for the perfect corsage, making dinner reservations, planning promposals and taking Instagram worthy pictures. The most important part of prom for many is the dress.

Timber Creek Talon asked senior girls to submit their responses to a list of questions regarding their dress choice, including how long they searched and if they had any ideas in mind before shopping, where they found the dress, what drew them to that particular gown, and what accessories and shoes they plan on wearing with it. This is what they said:


Brooke Waldrupe

“I was going into shopping thinking I would get an emerald green dress with a mermaid body style. I ended up actually getting my dress the first time I went looking,” Waldrupe said.

The senior shared that she found it at Whatchamacallit in Fort Worth and, actually, wasn’t initially drawn to the style.

“I was looking for anything with a big wow factor. When I saw my dress on the hanger, I wasn’t head over heels about it but as soon as I walked out of the dressing room all eyes were on me. Everyone was showering me with compliments,” Waldrupe shared. “I knew right then that it was my dress. It has such a powerful feel to it. I walk around so confidently. My favorite part is honestly the bubble gum pink color. It’s everything I wanted.”

As far as plans for styling the show stopping gown, Waldrupe explained the colors of her accessories and makeup will match the base and accents of the pink and silver number.

“I am going to get my eyeshadow done to match my dress, which will be my biggest eye catcher. And [I] will most likely [wear] silver earrings and heels,” she said.

Rose Grillo

“I didn’t search too long, just a couple of days. I actually had made a Pinterest board for prom [with] styles I like,” Grillo explained. “I already had the idea of wanting a black dress with an open back, but besides that, nothing too specific.”

A fan of ‘The Addams Family‘, Grillo explained that this form-fitting black dress from was perfect for her.

“Black is my favorite color and I’ve always admired Morticia Addams so my look is definitely going to be inspired by her,” she shared.

To play on the Morticia vibe, Grillo plans to go a little dark with her accessories to match.

“I’m going to wear black, pointed, closed-toe heels, long red nails, red lipstick, and hoop earrings,” Grillo said.


Paige Rath

“I looked online for styles I liked and tried on a few to get an idea before I went to the final store,” Rath shared.

Just like Waldrupe, Rath found her gown at Whatchamacallit.

“I picked the strapless sweetheart neckline and tight bodice because I liked the way it made my body look,” the senior explained. “I plan to wear simple jewelry and tall heels because the dress is a little too long.”




Taylor Elmore

“I searched a long time online until I found a shop that had the style of dresses I wanted. Then I spent almost two hours in the store trying on different dresses,” Elmore said.

Elmore purchased her gown at Camille La Vie in the Grapevine Mills mall, a very popular place for those searching for the perfect prom outfit.

She went on to explain that she had a pretty good vision of what she was hoping for in a dress, and this peachy pink style was very similar.

“I’ve always wanted a ball gown type dress. I know it’s not exactly a ball gown, but it’s the closest I could get,” Elmore said.

Following the rising trend of silver jewelry that has emerged the past couple of prom seasons, Taylor has a few ideas in mind for accessorizing her almost-ball-gown.

“I haven’t gotten my shoes [or] accessories yet, but I do hope to do that soon. I do know they’ll be silver to match the dress though,” she shared.

As more and more seniors purchase prom attire, and the date of the dance draws nearer, the Timber Creek Talon will be releasing additional editions of Students With Style: Prom 2020. Be on the look out for more ideas and inspiration.

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