The security team and student council have teamed up in order to give students the opportunity to ask any questions that they have for the officers.

Students can submit questions to be reviewed and selected by the council. On Thursday, Feb. 6 the chosen questions will be asked during all lunches to a panel of officers and answered for the student population to hear.

“StuCo hopes to better relations and understanding with the student body and our security team members,” Student Body Secretary Allison Souimanipanh said. “We hope to create a safer environment for all students and staff.”

Students and staff alike are encouraged to submit their questions to the following google form. Questions may range anywhere from asking about what the security team’s typical day looks like, to what kind of duties are they responsible for and more. Submit questions for the campus security team by clicking here.

By Lauren Graham

Talon News Editor The Creek Yearbook Co-Editor-In-Chief

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