On Friday, Feb. 21, five Falcon wrestlers were sent-off to compete at the state competition in Houston. Throughout the wrestling season, the team worked extremely hard in practices and matches. Finally, the athletes’ hard work would pay off and would be rewarded at the UIL State Wrestling Championship.

Wrestlers JoyLynn Wegman, Chalimarys Rodriguez, Daniel Aghayere, Patrick Procopio, and Johnny Haneisen headed to state accompanied by coaches Jayson Conger, Ian Henley and Leslie Salazar. At the send-off, the wrestlers were cheered on down the main hall by students, cheerleaders, Sky Dancers, and even fellow wrestlers. After leaving the school, wrestlers were off to prove their strengths.

As a wrestler, the whole season is about working up to the remarkable state match.

“The pinnacle of our season is to get as many athletes as we can to state,” head coach Conger said.

Through the team’s group mentality and positive energy, this great group of wrestlers was able to break through and achieve their goals.

“We always preach to our kids don’t ever stop,” Conger said.

At the UIL State Wrestling Championship, all five wrestlers competed the best of their abilities. After all matches were over, Lady Falcons JoyLynn Wegman and Chalimarys Rodriguez placed in their weight class. On Saturday, Feb. 22, these young ladies won medals for sixth place in their divisions. Rodriguez was able to secure her second state medal in three years, and Wegman secured her first state medal.

Congrats to both athletes and their amazing achievements through the season and at state.

Now that the state competition is over, wrestlers can rest while looking forward to competing again next season.

“We hope to go every year,” Conger said. “It’s something we always strive for.”

Not only has Falcon Wrestling achieved great heights in the past, but the future for this team of wrestlers also looks bright.

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