In light of the former choir cookies no longer being allowed to be sold in school, the TCHS choir department started selling nachos in early December.

The nachos are sold every Friday, and are one dollar, with additional jalapeños costing 50 cents. These nachos will give the choir program the funds to print hundreds of music pages, fund the TCHS All State summer camp, get new binders, and more. Since the former choir cookies were out of commission for two months, its crucial for the next few months to make up that financial gap.

“Obviously they’re not cookies, but they [the nachos] are selling reasonably well…It’s just super important that the choir fundraising can catch up for the few months of money we missed out on.” said choir booster club member, Sarah Tidwell.

While some of the stricter regulations under the Texas public schools nutrition policy are under the process of being reviewed, it could take a while for any impact to fundraising options for school programs.

In the mean time, help out the choir program by buying our nachos – it may not be cookies, but in this awkward transitional time, it’s more important than ever to help each other in any way we can.

By Jules

Opinion Editor, hot sauce connoisseur, and unhealthily obsessed with the bachelorette.

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