In hopes to keep student morale high, Student Council will be hosting “Positivity Week” from Feb. 10 through Feb. 13. Along with dress up days, the halls will be covered with posters, hearts, and words of encouragement. Student Body Officer Allison Souimanipanh explained that the purpose behind the dress up week is to spread positive vibes across campus while promoting self love.

”Positivity week holds the purpose of boosting self love and respect within the Falcon family,” Souimanipanh said. “We do this in hopes of keeping a positive atmosphere and place an importance on loving yourself being first to come before loving other people.”

Every year the council cuts thousands of tiny paper hearts, and writes the name of every student on an individual heart. They display them in a common area of the school so each student can search the wall for their name, and take the love with them.

“We hope with this project is that every student feels like they are recognized,” Student Body Officer Khyra White said. “It’s also just a fun way to spread positivity, everyone loves searching for their name and being able to take it home with them.”

Dress up days:

Monday: Health and Balance, wear green

Tuesday: Love yourself, wear pink

Wednesday: All smiles, wear yellow

Thursday: Falcon Family, wear spirit wear

By Lauren Graham

Talon News Editor The Creek Yearbook Co-Editor-In-Chief

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