Style is an idea that can be very fluid, adapted and altered over time. For sophomore Katie Condit, this is extremely accurate. While Condit doesn’t go for a certain aesthetic, she has a few pieces that always stand out to her, even when her style is in constant transformation.

“I guess I would normally describe [my style] as frumpy but a little bit sophisticated? Like a cute old lady but she was way super cool in her youth,” Condit said. “Unfortunately it’s not like that all the time because I struggle to pick an aesthetic. I have a fixation with short dresses with fruits on them, midi skirts, and platform shoes.”

For many, style changes and shifts as they grow up. Opinions on certain pieces can completely flip from what they originally were. For Condit, this shift came when she learned to love pieces that are seen as more feminine.

“I tend to go for clothes that I think are a bit more feminine most of the time – when I was younger I wasn’t really the type to wear skirts and dresses, but as I grew up I learned to appreciate the leg freedom,” Condit said. “I think that embracing femininity makes me feel more free.”

While Condit learned to appreciate girlier pieces, she also appreciates the duality of mixing feminine and masculine pieces.

“My go-to outfit would probably be one of my long dresses with the little flowers on it with a cardigan on top, paired with black ‘tough-person’ boots,” Condit said. “I really love the juxtaposition between the boots and the dress, and the outfit is ridiculously comfy.”

Linking back to her self proclaimed “cute old lady” aesthetic, Condit doesn’t necessarily pay attention to styles on trend. That being said, she still looks up to the style of people in media.

“I’m not really sure who my style icon would be, I’m not good at keeping updated with that sort of thing,” Condit said. “I really like bestdressed on YouTube though, I think that she’s really good at finding pretty accent pieces. I’m also really inspired by Park Bo-Young. I envy her outfits so much, and they suit her so well.”

Condit tends to find inspiration from things that she appreciates. This can come in many forms such as film and art.
“A lot of my inspiration comes from movies and anime that I really love. I’m especially influenced by Studio Ghibli films, like Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo,” Condit said. “I also get a lot of inspiration from art – if I see a piece that I really like the theme or color scheme of, I’m definitely going to try to incorporate it into an outfit.”

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