The Fall Literary Magazine, “Through My Eyes,” focused on perspective. The Spring issue will focus on identity. The theme for the 2020 Spring Art and Literary Magazine is “In My Bones.” It will include themes of family, culture, tradition, destiny, and all the things that make you an individual.

The magazine showcases student works in the form of art, digital media, short stories, poetry, photography, plays, monologues, and more. All submissions are due March 11, 2020.

Submissions should be under 2,000 words. Selections for the final product will be made based on length, subject matter, relevance to theme, etc. The editors reserve the right to edit any and all submissions for spelling, grammar, format and clarity.

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By Kat McDonald-Wilson

Kat McDonald-Wilson is a senior at TCHS. She is the Fine Arts Editor for the Timber Creek Talon and the Copy Editor for the Art and Literature Magazine.

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