The choir is ending 2019 with joyful music performed by all seven choirs. They will perform in their annual winter concert on Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. in the Fine Arts Center. Admission into the event is free.

The holiday songs that are typically sung at choir concerts this time of year won’t be making an appearance. Instead of these overdone songs, each choir will sing three songs respectively, each selected to compliment their voices, and the holiday spirit.

Students in the choir department hold this concert dear because of the childhood memories it evokes.

“Our songs this time are just so nostalgic feeling,” sophomore Jillian Dunnagan said. “The lyrics relate more to people, and well- it’s Christmas. This concert is a time to make music that is less ‘go, go, go’ and gives everyone a time to be a little more laid back because this concert is about bringing joy.”



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