Every student has their favorite subject, whether it’s due to an inspiring teacher, interesting subject, or general atmosphere of belonging. So for the last few weeks, Talon has been working to collect stories from students and teachers in multiple departments on campus about some of their favorites — and why.

Talon reporters interviewed students and teachers who they thought could give them interesting information about the department, and the teachers that help connect the content area to each individual student.

Not all the departments at Timber Creek have been featured in this series — yet. This is an ongoing series that will be frequently updated. If a department has not been covered in the initial publication, it most likely will be covered in the near future, extolling the virtues and connection made between those departments and the students involved in them.

These are the current stories involved in the series:
(Last Update: Dec. 12, 2019)

Why Timber Creek Has The Best Science Department

Why Timber Creek Has the Best English Department

Why Timber Creek Has the Best History Department

Why Timber Creek has the Best Student Media Department

By Mason Howard

Mason is a Senior at Timber, and enjoys writing, video games, and watching anime.

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