Certain trends through the ages are simply timeless, and will never go out of style. Sophomore Tisha Shrestha is drawn to pieces that are clean and simple, to create a look that will never get old.

“I would describe my style as simple, minimalistic, and classic,” Shrestha said.

In order to create looks that are never-changing but still unique, Shrestha uses fun statement pieces to stand out.

“If I wear a simple outfit, I try to use my earrings to be a statement piece,” Shrestha said. “Whether small gold hoops, pearl earrings or a small stud, it brings together my outfit. Bandanas are also a favorite piece.”

Similar to her style, Shrestha’s personality has a laid-back and classic feel. She strides to portray this outwardly through her clothes.

“My style matches my personality by complimenting certain aspects of myself,” Shrestha said. “I dress to make sure it reflects how I’m feeling. When I wear simple and classic clothes, I feel sharp and efficient.”

For Strestha, style comes from a small spark of inspiration. She takes these spontaneous ideas and runs with them.

“To make an outfit I usually get a eureka moment,” Shrestha said. “I’ll look through my closet to see what would match or go through my Pinterest board for inspiration. Most of the time I get inspired by photos, music, or art.”

As well as her day-to-day style, Shrestha expresses her culture through her style and clothes.

“My mom and I designed a lehenga,” Shrestha said. “We searched for fabrics and textiles here and in Nepal. Once we found the perfect fabric we then searched for the style of the lehenga, then we ordered it from Nepal.”

While celebrating her culture and staying true to herself, Shreshta is sure to have a classic style that may stand the test of time.

By Sydney Shoemaker

Sydney Shoemaker is the Features Editor for the Timber Creek Talon. She is also president of the Falcon Friends club at Timber Creek. Shoemaker loves to write about style, history, and opinions. She is a senior, graduating in the class of 2021.

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