Falcon Theatre will put on their fall musical, Big Fish from Thursday, Dec. 5 through Saturday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. in the Fine Arts Center. Tickets will be sold at the door. They cost $10 for students and $15 for adults.

Big Fish is directed by Amanda Brundrett and co-directed by Craig Robertson. Stephen Evans is the musical director.

It’s been a long road since the musical was announced in the Spring of 2019. The directors choose shows based on the need of the department, the strengths of the department, and how they think the department can grow.

“This musical fit a lot of what our department has to offer,” Brundrett said. “We all really loved the story, we all really loved the music, we thought it would be really fun.”

To put on a musical takes a massive amount of people from directors and choreographers to actors, technicians, and ensemble.

“It’s been really fun working hand in hand with Mr. Robertson. He is so gifted at big group scenes and moving people, it’s been fun. It’s been great having Mr. Evans there to oversee the music direction,” Brundrett said. “Another really awesome incredible part has been the student choreography team. We have six student choreographers and they are incredible.”

In no particular order, the student choreographers are Delaney Ross, Liah Severino, Hailey Anders, Alexandria Quintana, Jordyn English, and Madison Hunt. They’ve divvied it up so that they each choreographed one or two songs in the show.

“That’s been really neat seeing how collaborative and cohesive their different styles have lent themselves to different songs,” Brundrett said.

As the performance draws nearer, all the small details of the show are falling into place.

“It’s always exciting when a show comes together. We’ve been working on it for a couple months and its fun when the lights come on, and we get the sound in, and the costumes come on, and as all these pieces are coming together it’s really remarkable. Huge shoutout to our tech crews who have been so hands on,” Brundrett said. “It really does take a village to make it happen.”

By Kat McDonald-Wilson

Kat McDonald-Wilson is a senior at TCHS. She is the Fine Arts Editor for the Timber Creek Talon and the Copy Editor for the Art and Literature Magazine.

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