As marching season comes to a close, the indoor drumline competition season hits the ground running. The 2020 show theme is Underground, and is themed around street artist Banksy and his time in New York.

“We are going to be in a subway, so it has a double meaning of us actually being underground and the whole street art thing kind of being underground art,” band director Chad Mason said.

Costumes are red and black and come in four different styles, all inspired by Banksy’s art. Drum wraps for the show add to the urban theme with a graffiti style rat spray-painted on the side. Some of the drumline will even ditch their drums and play on buckets during the show.

To Wade Jenson, a junior drumline member, the most anticipated part of the season this year is “the environment and the scene that’s going to be set, and the connotation of being world class.”


By Peyton Lea

junior who loves yearbook and talon :)

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