The student section, historically known as The Nest, has been a way for students to band together to cheer on their peers since the school’s beginning. Originating with football, it has spread to the other sports and clubs but has had difficulty maintaining and retaining the same hype level. However, this school year, the Nest 2.0 will be focusing on bringing more students together in all aspects of school events.

“Our purpose is to come up with ways to get the student body to support each organization as much as possible,” Sky Dancer representative Brianna Bennett said. “We really want every sport or group or organization to feel like everyone knows what’s going on and [become] as involved as possible.”

Student representatives from each sport and club have come together to decide how best to get more of the student population to appear at the diversity of events. Beginning to meet up at the end of last school year, the representatives have met up in monthly meetings to decide the best course of action.

Ultimately, the Timber Creek administrative team and the students collectively decided upon a list of incentives for students to partake in.

Students must bring their school ID badges to each event in order to gain credit for being there. A select person (either student representative or an administrator) will have a badge scanner which is how the list of names and number of appearances will be recorded. Events will be totaled each week and incentives will be awarded.

Nest 2.0 Incentives
Attend 3 Events – Free Item at “The Daily Grind”
Attend 5 Events – Free Ticket to Next Event
Attend 10 Events – Free “Nest 2.0” T-Shirt
Attend 15 Events – Free Timber Creek Merchandise
Attend 20 Events – Free Lunch Provided by Administration
Attend 30 Events – Free Graduation Cord (Seniors Only)

The first event scheduled is the Varsity Volleyball game on Oct. 15. Future events will be announced via The Nest group on the Timber Creek Talon App, via calendars, and on Twitter via The Nest and Talon twitter accounts.

“[We want everyone to] show support [for] every organization,” Bennett said. “We want everyone to feel like they have the support of their peers.”

Expect more details on this program in the future.

By Serena Shabout

Serena is a senior and News Editor of Talon. She loves books, blacklist and bundt cakes.

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