1994, a year filled to the brim with movies such as Pulp Fiction and The Lion King, was not as amazing for a family in Utah. Nor were the two years afterward, with various supernatural sightings popping up from time to time.

Gwen and Terry Sherman bought and moved into a ranch in northern Utah with their children, looking to expand Terry’s business. When they arrived, there were locks and deadbolts on doors, the previous owners not providing an explanation why. Not only were there deadbolts everywhere, towards the back of the ranch house were big, chunky chains, that looked as if they held something back.

At the end of their two year stay, the family lost 20 percent of their cattle. When they looked into some of the history of the ranch, the horror dated back to the 1950’s.

In 1951, the beginning of some 400 UFO sightings began with a science class witnessing a mysterious flying object, and the teacher going on to report the events.

“There were cases where the whole school and all the teachers saw these things hovering over the town in broad daylight,” the teacher, Junior Hicks said.

The Ute Indian Reservation is on the border of the Sherman Ranch, and the Utes that live there believe that in the nearby ranch houses there are beings called “Skinwalkers”. Skinwalkers are powerful spirits, and they appear here because of a Navajo curse placed on the Utes centuries ago.

Decades after these supernatural events, the Sherman family moved to the ranch. On the first day, a huge wolf was spotted in the distance. It creeped its way closer to the family. As it got closer, a feeling of unease spread across the family, leading them to grab their weapons. The wolf walked towards them, and then past, moving towards a calf that was behind a fence. The wolf took the calf’s head in its mouth and bit down, causing the calf to bleed.

The family resorted to attacking the wolf. However, the attacks bounced off of the wolf, leaving Terry Sherman in a state of shock. He grabbed his gun and shot the wolf several times, but the wolf showed no sign of pain. The wolf finally let go and stared at Terry for a prolonged amount of time, trotting off with a trail of calf blood following it.

The ominous occurrence was one of many, as many dogs and cattle went missing, or were found dead in the two year stay of the family. When the family moved out in 1996, they broke the news of what happened at the ranch. This was brought to the attention of entrepreneur Bob Bigelow, who bought the ranch for $200,000 and employed a group of scientists to investigate the strange happenings.

Within as little as a few days, the scientists found evidence like strange orbs and cattle mutilations. The research center kept quiet, as to not raise any suspicion among the general public.

The ranch is currently a private area, with only certain people allowed in. Although there is no general admission, the facility is viewable behind the fences that keep in its secrets.

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By Grace Measles

Grace Measles is a senior at Timber Creek High School, as well as the Features editor for the Talon.

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