Starting Thursday Oct. 3 through Saturday, Oct. 5 at noon, the Public Service Club will host a fundraiser at Grub Burger Bar in Alliance. This spirit event will go toward funding competitions, transportation, and supplies for the club. 

Make sure to mention Timber Creek Public Service Club while ordering to ensure that the club receives a portion of the proceeds.

In previous years, the Public Service Club was called Law Club; however, the name transformed in order to cater the club to more students and their future professions. The three branches of the club include first responders, court systems, and forensics. For all three branches, students are able to go to competitions and compete against other schools in their future professions.

“We felt like [Law Club] just narrowed it down to one section, because we have added fire and we have more courts,” club member Lauren Graham said.

The first responders branch includes police, fire, and EMTs which allows students to design prisons, working traffic stops, learn the firefighter way of life, put out fires and learn how to save injured victims. The court systems branch includes lawyers and mock trial teams, where students can work as judges, prosecutors, defendants and attorneys, as well as learn how to write bills. The last branch is forensics, and students are able to learn how to analyze a crime scene as well as learn how to test blood. 

Graham and the other members “[feel] like Public Service brought everything together, and represented the whole group rather than just ‘law’ itself.” 

Not only does this club allows for members to make relationships with other students that want to go in the same field as them, it also helps them prepare for their future. Students are able to participate in competitions and see what other possible future professions they want to pursue. Graham believes the “hands on” experience is unlike any other. It excites the members to be able to participate in what they could be doing in a few years.  

“[Competitions] give you the opportunity to apply it, as if you are actually doing this job.” Graham said.

Support fellow Falcons and enjoy a burger at Grub Burger Bar in support of Public Service Club this weekend.

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