Recently, I have seen many complaints online about what sports and organizations get the most funding. The general consensus is that football receives the most payment of any sport in the school. While I cannot confirm or deny this, I do know one thing: based on our geographic location, this makes sense.

Football in the south and southwest region of the United States is by far the biggest and influential sport, this cannot be denied. While it may not be morally right, funding goes to the most popular organizations that bring in the most revenue, which in most cases here in Texas, is football. Some may argue that “some people go for the band, so;” however, that revenue is still technically going to the football team. Even though a student is not going to see the football game, they’re still at a game in which the main feature is football.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I believe that there’s many organizations that should get more funding than they do, such as band, which I mentioned in one of my previous stories entailing if they should be considered a sport or not. However, many students in different organizations complain that football should not get the most funding, pointing fingers and attacking the sport in general, which in my opinion, is extremely wrong. Football players are doing what they’re passionate about, just like any other member of any organization, whether it be band, track, or tennis. It is unacceptable to start speaking on the success of an organization due to jealousy of funding. It’s understandable being frustrated due to recognition and lack of revenue, but there’s a certain level of respect that needs to be had.

Complaining does not help anything, and the tough pill to swallow is that we live in Texas. If you honestly believe that another club or organization will ever out fund football; you’re just wrong. It is extremely difficult to accept for many of you, and as I said: It’s not necessarily right, but it’s not going to change. There’s no reason to moan and complain about funding if you can’t change the end result.

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By Reed Smith

Reed Smith is a Senior and holds the position of Sports Editor in Talon. Additionally, Smith has a weekly sports column on the website, titled "Don't Reed Into It."

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