Plug in your controllers, because there’s a new club on campus. The new e-sports club is for anyone that likes to play and compete in video game tournaments.

The newly formed club is currently in its ‘baby’ stages, though that won’t stop the members from competing with all their might. The team plays in a gaming league called PlayVS, participating in competitions similar to UIL. PlayVS handles all schedules, though the official season didn’t start until Oct. 28.

As it is the team’s inaugural season, theres a lot of rule building and overall structuring of the club. As the club is held at school, they’ll have to get permission to play these games. Additionally, the e-sports club has partnered with KISD and KCAL to ensure that games can run as smoothly as possible.

“This year is a lot about building up the infrastructure, like making sure our computers can run the games, the internet can run, because it is at school,” club sponsor Greg Janda said.

The club currently has a roster of two games for the fall semester, though they may expand gaming leagues as they gain access to more games in the spring. On Tuesdays the club plays League Of Legends, while on Thursdays, Rocket League players will compete against each other. The games played in the club are against other schools, and those games and the stats will go on record in PlayVS, just like in non-electronic sports.

“It’s pretty fun, I made a bunch of friends and we all like to play video games. It’s even cooler that we can do it here at school,” sophomore John Gutierrez said.

By Grace Measles

Grace Measles is a senior at Timber Creek High School, as well as the Features editor for the Talon.

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