The entirety of the 2018-2019 school year, Timber Creek advisors were on a mission to find words that truly describe the school and the students. The 10 year anniversary of the school stirred students and faculty to find out what it really meant to be a Falcon. The search resulted in five words describing the Falcon Family: passionate, intentional, inclusive, kind, and overall, a family.

“I think the word passionate represents me, I have dance as my passion,” sophomore Brianna Barrera said. “The word inclusive is a little bit tricky, but I think it represents our school well.”

The clubs and organizations at Timber Creek contribute to the inclusivity of everyone in the school by allowing the assembly and collaboration of students, and with intentional actions, clubs and students can spread kindness throughout the school. Everyone has a place in this school, and the clubs are only one example of the inclusion that is found throughout Timber Creek.

“TCHS is a family that supports one another and encourages each other to succeed,” sophomore Kristen Wallace said.

Falcons intend to support each other, and express kindness and camaraderie through encouraging each other. With over 3,000 people in one building, it may seem odd to classify the school as a family, but the sense of community is too strong to deny. With the formation of a group called the Nest 2.0, teams, clubs and students overall are supporting each other more than ever, as a family does.

“It’s easy to make genuine bonds here,” sophomore Elaine Meneses said.

The family aspect within Falcons runs deep in the school’s veins, and is apparent the community surrounding Timber Creek. Passion, intention, inclusivity, kindness and brotherhood no doubt describe students, faculty and community members that make up the Timber Creek Falcon Family. Make sure to make an effort to portray these five words to others, and keep the bonds of Falcon Family strong.

By Grace Measles

Grace Measles is a senior at Timber Creek High School, as well as the Features editor for the Talon.

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