Student Council is a student run program with the help of the new advisor, Daniel Ward. Planning almost every event at the school in coordination with the other clubs and organizations, student council officers put in many hours outside of school and on the weekends to make wonderful things happen at school. Student body officers plan all the dress up weeks and every other big event here at school. Some of the events they plan include homecoming, holiday week, mental wellness week, Red Ribbon Week, welcome week, and the most recent event being Stop the Silence.

Here are the Student Council student body officers for the 2019-2020 school year:

Student Body President: Jessie Eagan 

“My name is Jessie and I am the Student Body President. I have always been very involved at Timber as well as in the community. Other than school work, my time is spent with student council, volunteering, working, or with the public service club as I aspire to be in the FBI one day,” Eagan said. “After high school, my hope is to attend A&M while working dispatch. I will never forget my high school years as they have been a very important part of my life. [There have been] many ups and downs for sure, but it has shaped the person I am today.” 

Student Body Vice President: Lauren Graham

“Hi my name is Lauren Graham I am your Student Body Vice President. I am currently a junior at Timber Creek, and love spending my with friends and family but most of my time is spent here at TCHS. Along with student council, I am also the Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Talon Printing Editor, Public Service Club Historian, and Falcon Friends Historian as well,” Graham said. “I hope to go into a career of politics, and would like to work within the government, maybe be elected president one day, who knows? Student council has made such a large impact on my life and helped form the person I am today. I can’t wait to see what adventures this year brings and I am excited for the years to come.”

Student Body Secretary: Allison Souimaniphanh

“Hey, my name is Allison Souimaniphanh, I am your Student Body Secretary. I dedicate a majority of my time to my school and community through the lens of StuCo and I love every minute of it. I have a strong passion for taking an initiative to give my effort to those who need it,” Souimaniphanh said. “Beyond StuCo, I am working toward becoming a pediatrician. I believe that wholistic health and wellness is key to giving young children a nourishing environment to thrive in. I specifically want to work with children to offer a safe space that they may not have been introduced to before. I know along the way, I’ve so far met incredible people who have become my support system in my journey, and I only hope that I can offer that same support to others.”

Student Body Treasurer: Catie Faubel

“Hello everybody, I’m Catie Faubel. This year I am a senior. At TCHS, I am very involved. I am currently the Student Body Treasurer, and in HOSA, NHS, Spanish National Honor Society, Falcon Friends, Spanish Club, and Green Cord. Outside of school, I am active in my church. I am also the assistant director of handbells, as well as ring them and sing in our choir. I teach and attend a bible study weekly, along with numerous mission trips. Oh, and I own my own business. I work as a babysitter/nanny to a large network of families,” Faubel said. “Above all, caring for others is my main priority. I will sacrifice my own time, sleep, and sanity to ensure that others are cared for. Some even know me as ‘Mama Faubel’ because of my motherly personality. As you can see, I enjoy staying occupied. It fills my heart with joy to have the opportunity to lead and work with others. If you see me in the halls, don’t be a stranger, say ‘hi’, and I’ll be sure to smile back.”    

Student Body Parliamentarian: Sudheshna Khadka

“My name is Sudheshna, Su for short, and I’m your Student Body Parliamentarian for this year. I enjoy being involved with the school, and love bettering our community even more. When I’m not working or doing school work, you can usually find me working with Student Council, leading Impact Club or volunteering. Being of a family that’s not traditionally ‘American,’ I’ve been raised with different perspectives of both society and of people. As a result, I’ve learned to always keep an open mind and to empathize with people. My goal is to create an even playing field and safe space wherever I am because I believe everyone should have a voice. And that is exactly what made me want to become an officer for student council, to represent the school and voice our needs,” Khadka said. “For the rest of my life, my motto is to derive positivity from every outcome. Speaking of my future, my dream college would be Columbia University, with a major in Forensic Pathology.”


Student Body Activities Coordinator: Khyra White

“Hi, my name’s Khyra and I’m your Student Body Activities Coordinator. Some of you may know me from choir or public service club, but I happen to participate in Spanish club and Impact as well. I wanted to be a student body officer not only to be more involved in student council, but to feel like I was actually able to make a difference and help change our school for the better. In my free-time, I do a lot of volunteering and love hanging out with friends,” White said. “After high school, I would want to go to Stanford and hopefully get a job in the FBI one day. My goal for the next 2 years is to just make the most of my high school experience even through all of the ups and downs. Life’s a rollercoaster, so why not enjoy the ride?”




Senior Class is a separate organization outside of Student Council; however, each officer is still a part of Student Council as a whole. The senior class is sponsored by Emily Boerhinger. The senior class is the group that plans Senior Sunrise, Senior Sunset, Prom, Mr. Falcon, and many more exciting things. These are the Senior Class Officers for the 2019-2020 school year: 

President: Grayson Thanisch 

“I am the Senior Class President, as well as previous Student Body Vice President, and I’m a member of NHS, HOSA, Interact, and the Student Council Executive Board. My goal for this year will be to do things just slightly different so that our class will be remembered for years to come as the class that stood out and broke the mold,” Thanisch said. “After I graduate I hope to attend either Baylor, UT, or NYU where I will major in Pre-Medicine so that I can achieve my dream of one day being a cardiologist.”

Vice President: Erica Seay

“Hi there, I’m Erica Seay. I am your Senior Class Vice President for the class of 2020. I am currently a member of Talon and have been for two years now. I am also a member of Student Council where I have held an office position all four years, including Student Body Secretary last year. [Currently], I hold an executive board position for our council. I am in green cord, and I am the TCTV Sports Editor. I hope to be a sports broadcaster one day and be apart of ESPN or FOX sports. I hope to major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in communications,” Seay said. “As a senior class officer this year, I hope to be a positive light to everyone. I hope to be able to help everyone and be a leader to our class. I want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard since it is our senior year. I want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to share their ideas and make their senior year a year to remember.”

Secretary: Monica Mendoza

“Hi, I’m Monica Mendoza, I am your Senior Class Secretary for the class of 2020. I am currently varsity tennis captain. I am also a member of NHS, an executive board member of StuCo, in green cord, and also am co-organizer for the Nest Twitter. I hope to have some part in the healthcare field when I grow up. So to eventually get there, I am in a PCT practicum at KCAL,” Mendoza said. “As a Senior Class Officer this year, I hope to be someone that everyone can talk to and share ideas with for all of our upcoming events. I have been in StuCo all four years and have held an officer position all four years. I’ve done this and continued to do this because I truly love our class. I want to be apart of making this year the very best because it is, after all, our very last.”

Historian: Ethan John

“I am the Senior Class Historian, Earth Warriors President, Interact Club Historian, National Art Honor Society Treasurer, Spanish Club Sergeant of Arms, [executive board] member of Student Council, and member of NHS. My goal as a senior class officer is to ensure that every senior at Timber Creek feels included and to make this school year the most memorable yet,” John said. “After high school, I plan to attend either the University of Washington or Texas A&M and I intend on majoring in environmental engineering.”

Parliamentarian: Elyce Ankomah

“Hi, my name is Elyce Ankomah and I am your Senior Class Parliamentarian. I’m also a general member of StuCo, NHS and a fourth year in JROTC. My goal as a senior class officer is to make sure everything’s done with intention and that we’re doing what the class wants. I want to see our class grow closer, as this is our last year of high school and we can only do senior year once, so I want to make sure it’s special and it’s one of the best years of high school yet,” Ankomah said. “After high school, I plan on going to college and being in ROTC there. I don’t know what college because it’s not just based off of academics but also the corps they offer. I intend for my major to be biochemistry, but I’ll be studying for ‘pre-dentistry’ technically.”

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By Erica Seay

Senior, Talon Reporter, TCTV Sports Editor, Senior Class Vice President

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