One of the main priorities for all of the staff and faculty at Timber Creek, is to maintain a safe environment. In order to accomplish this, badges are now a mandatory requirement while at school. Here is the following information on badges and answers to some FAQ’s.


“[Priority] number one is safety and security, to make sure everybody is safe here on campus, [and] to be able to identify students in a very effective and efficient way,” assistant principal Shawn Elliot explained.

The basic purpose of the badges are to identify who our students and staff members are. Issues, such as students from other Keller ISD schools visiting campus, have occurred and caused some alarm. ID badges aim to both prevent and allow easy identification of unauthorized visitors.


There is currently a steady transition where students and staff will be required to use badges for virtually everything, from checking out a book from the library to entering classrooms.

Students should be aware that ID badges are a permanent installation in school policy. To avoid issues with administration, students must wear their badge at all times whether it be on a lanyard or clip.


Making ID badges part of school policy may provide a feeling of security among the student body, giving all students and staff away to easily identify other students. All Falcons will benefit from having badges because they allow for quick and easy access to purchasing items from school, like lunches and spirit wear.

“Hopefully in the future we will be able to make a lot more things string lined to where all students will have to do, is use their badge instead of typing in their student ID number,” Elliot said.

Another benefit of wearing badges is having access on what to do if Timber Creek is under any kind of emergency situation. There are instructions on the back of the badges detailing the proper procedures for bad weather, and lockdown situations.


There are several consequences to students, should they refuse to wear their badges.

“Eventually you will be coming to see one of the assistant principles to have a conversation, possibly even have a conversation with your parents,” Elliot said. “If it gets to the point where you’re not wearing your ID on a regular basis here at school there may be some school discipline like after school detention.”

The easiest and most reliable way for students to avoid any issue is to wear their badge at all times. As long as the badge is visible and on they can continue on with their day as usual.

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