Three TCFM podcasts are now available on Spotify and will be available on Apple Music in the month of October. The long-running sports analysis show “The Undefeated,” the newly re-titled “What’s Popping” pop culture show, a new radio drama called “The Emergency Broadcast,” will all be available for listening to the public through both streaming services. The podcasts that will be available are all produced by students in student media.

“What’s Popping” focuses on current news in pop culture and is produced by senior Nathan Gajary.

“Last year we had a podcast called ‘Uncultured’ that I was on, but someone else was running it and I really liked the idea of it,” Gajary said. “I got really inspired and wanted to do the same thing this year but rebrand it so it would be a little bit more professional.” 

Gajary then started the podcast, with help deciding the newly rebranded podcast’s name.

“I didn’t come up with the name, but it’s really a quality name,” Gajary said.

As new movies and other news flows out in pop culture, each week Gajary and a small group sit down to record and discuss the topics in the news.  

“We gather a few people each week and just record and talk about music, whatever the news is,” Gajary said. “It’s pretty fresh content because there’s always new news.” 

With Gajary’s podcast being available on Spotify and Apple Music, it will be available to anyone. Not only will Timber Creek students be able to continue listening in a new way, but people outside of the school and in different locations will have the availability to listen and enjoy. 

“We’ll have some people that actually like pop culture, and won’t just listen to it because it’s a Timber Creek podcast – it’s actually a good podcast,” Gajary said. 

The other podcasts, “The Emergency Broadcast” which is produced by junior Imani Wilson and senior Rachel Gutierrez and “The Undefeated,” produced by senior Anthony George will also be available on the streaming apps. 

To listen to “The Undefeated” on Spotify, click here.

To listen to “What’s Popping” on Spotify, click here.

“The Emergency Broadcast” will begin in October.

By Aleena Davis

Editor-In-Chief for Talon and a senior who loves writing, photography and dogs.

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