Homecoming week is an exciting time filled with unique outfits. Dressed from aliens to tourists, and to just rolling out of bed, students did not disappoint with wacky wear for this year’s homecoming dress up week.

On Monday, students dressed up as their favorite character for movie day. Sophomores Grace Measles and Sydney Hickmott, dressed as Veronica Sawyer from ‘Heathers’ and as Lindsey Weir from ‘Freaks and Geeks’, respectively.

“I wanted to dress up as Veronica Sawyer because I love Winona Ryder and I wanted to represent her well,” Measles said. 

On Tuesday, students ransacked their parents’ closets and dressed up for tacky tourist day, and came to school clothed in Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs. Seniors Abigail Gabriel, Kaylee Billstone, Lindsey Bryant and Alexandria Quintana posed as though they were looking for their next adventure.

“I like dressing as a tacky tourist because it is a fun dress up day,” Quintana said. “Plus it is the one day you get to wear socks and sandals and not have it be weird.”

After going all out for the first two dress up days, students had it easy on Wednesday, as they could literally roll out of bed and come to school. Talon writers and editors went all out and dressed down for Breakfast Club day.

“It was pretty comfortable being in my pajamas but it made me sleepy in class,” Talon writer Sofia Facundo said.

On Thursday, students and teachers were seeing double. For twin day, Facundo and sophomore John Gutierrez repped swim and dive team in matching hoodies.

“I twinned with Sofia and I’m not gonna lie, I was confused,” Gutierrez said.

Last, students went all out on Friday with mums and garters ringing and brightening the hallways. Senior girls wore mums as big as Texas while guys flexed with their not as large garters. Quintana and senior Jessie Eagen said “go big or go home” while stunting their mums.

“I’m not one who is a huge fan of mums but it was fun,” Eagen said.

Though homecoming came to an end, both students and teachers succeeded in dressing to impress and filled the school with pride and spirit. While the posters may be already torn down and feathers and glitter swept from the floor, Homecoming 2019 was one to remember.

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By Tisha Shrestha

Tisha Shrestha is a senior at Timber Creek High School. She is Editor-In-Chief of Talon and Editor-In-Chief of FLIGHT Lit Mag. She is also senior class historian and a member of The Creek Yearbook staff.

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